Two Months — Two Books

I have projects I need to complete and places I plan to go during the next few weeks.

I plan to return with more posts in the middle of February.

Let me share with you two books I read last week.

Rocky Times: a life of struggle, family & faith, by Ellen Claiborne.

Ellen, Lucien, and their family lived in Dalton, Georgia, and were active in the Central congregation.

They were exemplary Christians— involved, leading, serving, given to hospitality, and encouraging in every way.

They were involved in the community, serving in the schools, PTA, and other ways. Ellen served as the State president of the Georgia PTA 1979-1981.

In her book, she tells the path that formed her compassion, work ethic, Christian faith, and service.

Anyone can learn from what she wrote. Those who know the Claibornes will especially enjoy Ellen’s book and gain a greater appreciation of her and her family.

Ellen died on October 31, 2018. It was encouraging to review what I knew about her and learn more about her life.

You can get the book from Amazon: Rocky Times

You’re Fired! Now What? Surviving a Forced Termination, by Dale Jenkins

It’s amazing the number of times preachers are released by churches each year. It seems to come in waves. This year has been one of those waves.

When it needs to be done, it should be done with excellence. Dale discusses principles for elders to follow when they need to release a preacher.

This event is traumatic to the preacher and his family. I speak from observation and experience. Dale has encouraging words for preachers to survive and thrive during and following this painful experience.

You can get a free digital copy:

The paperback is also available from Amazon: You’re Fired! Now What?

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