Reunion With An Intern from Thirty-Three Years Ago

Brian Jarrett graduated from Freed-Hardeman College in the spring of 1985 and came to Dalton, Georgia, to serve as an intern during the summer. He did an excellent job and endeared himself to the Central church. Brian is now pulpit preacher for the Hartsville Pike church in Gallatin, Tennessee.

From left to right: Bob Sidwell, Jamie Sidwell, Tom Hughes, Gail Barber, Jeff Carnes, Jerrie Barber, Faye Hughes, Annette Carnes, Gail Farris, Phil Smith, Ann Smith, Doyle Farris, Sonja Jarrett, Mary Lou Dodson, Brian Jarrett, Joel Dodson, Carol Lyle, Doug Lyle

It was my privilege to be invited by that congregation to lead a New Shepherds Orientation Workshop May 4-6. Hartsville Pike ordained three of their eight elders five months ago. The elders, preachers, and spouses, were active and enthusiastic during the weekend beginning Friday night at 6:00.

We had our workshop at Whispering Pines Christian Camp at Castilian Springs, Tennessee. It’s operated by the Hendersonville church. It was an excellent facility for the workshop. There was plenty of room for the large group and other areas for small group break-out activities. Doyle Farris made good arrangements for our meals and snacks.

The ladies understood reasons for their participation. There are many challenges for leaders’ wives as well as many rewards. We discuss how to deal with criticism, improper communication, and gossip.

The workshop continues to improve as each group makes suggestions we implement. I ask for suggestions and usually there are ideas presented that become a part of the next group. We are having more small group discussions. In the evaluation time at the end, participants mention these as highlights of the weekend.

After working Friday, 6:00-9:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., I spoke at Bible study Sunday morning on leadership and grace: Leadership Is a Gift, Not a Grind. At worship time, I preached on What Do You Talk About at your Last Elders’ Meeting? from Paul’s meeting with the Ephesian elders in Acts 20. Each elder related a “mustard seed” he gained from the workshop.

My time for this year is filled. I can schedule one workshop each month in 2019 in: January, March, May, August, September, October, or November.


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Jerrie Barber
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2 Responses to “Reunion With An Intern from Thirty-Three Years Ago

  • Phil Smith
    3 years ago

    Jerrie, it was truly a blessing to have you at Hartsville Pike. Your sessions were very meaningful and caused us all to do more self examination to become better leaders. I feel that our congregation will be blessed well into the future because of this workshop and our time together.

    With sincere thanks,
    Phil Smith

    • Jerrie W. Barber
      3 years ago


      Thank you. Gail and I enjoyed being with you.

      The group was very engaged and open to learning. I was impressed by the participation.

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