Central, McMinnville, Tennessee — New Shepherds Orientation Workshop # 19

Left to right in the above picture: Doug and Becky Bost, Gail and Jerrie Barber, Toni and Dennis Ruch

New Shepherds Orientation Workshop #19 was a job and a joy. It was a WORKshop. We met for twelve hours Friday and Saturday, October  16, 17.
Since both our elders are retired, we met 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. each day. We met at the Gondola Steak and Pizza Restaurant. We enjoyed delicious meals at lunch.

I’ve had as many as twenty-four in a workshop and as few as six. We leave each workshop with more to be discussed.

Left to right: Dennis Ruch, Jerrie Barber, Doug Bost, Becky Bost, Gail Barber, Toni Ruch

Some of the topics

  1. What does the Bible say elders, shepherds, overseers are to be and do?
  2. Why are spouses involved in this workshop?
  3. What are specific plans for your future growth?
  4. Will it always be painful to be a leader?
  5. What one thing will decrease or end severe conflict in a congregation?
  6. Is there a simple, practical way for shepherds to get to know and be known by the congregation?
  7. Why do people keep coming to elders for questions that should be answered by deacons?
  8. Who shepherds shepherds and oversees overseers?
  9. What is the key to reducing criticism?
  10. How can we do effective evaluation of staff and each other?
  11. What kind of meetings should we have and how often?
  12. What does the Lord teach in the Bible about who selects and appoints leaders and what are practical ways to implement that?
  13. How does a leader meet and maintain the quality of being blameless?
  14. Is the reward of leadership worth the cost in pain?

Sunday morning in Bible school, we discussed “Leadership and Grace.”

During the morning service, the topic was, “What Do You Discuss at Your Last Elders’ Meeting?” Both our elders, Doug Bost and Dennis Ruch, did an excellent job reflecting on “mustard seeds” they picked up in the workshop.

I have time for a few workshops in 2021. One congregation has scheduled for January and another congregation is considering scheduling soon.
Please contact me for details about planning a workshop for your shepherds.

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