New Book Coming for Elders, Preachers, Spouses, and Others

The picture above is Emmet Champion, Wayne, Don, Brenda, and Gail after a picnic as Gail, Don, and Brenda were leaving for Childhaven

Fleecy Clouds: One Woman’s Story of Surviving and Thriving after Childhood Abuse, by Gail Champion Barber and Alice Sullivan

Written from the heart of a Champion, by Gail Champion Barber and Alice Sullivan

The night before I saw Dr. James Jones, I awoke drenched in sweat, unable to breathe. Desperate for relief, I clutched my chest—wincing through the physical sensations that were rooted in something psychological. Hot shame spread through my temples to my cheeks and jaws. Almost identical to the sensation of nausea, it tingled and caught in my throat. I knew releasing it would not be as easy as hovering over a porcelain toilet with my hair pulled back.

After a few minutes of mental anguish, I opened my eyes and focused on the popcorn ceiling. I inhaled, attempting to recover any memory from a dream I might have had. What had been so triggering to wake me up in such a panic? Though moments prior I had been sleeping, there were no lasting images of where I had drifted off to, nor recollection of whom I’d been speaking with. There was only the radiating, emotional pain that I’d been trying to avoid since childhood. Instead of fading into infrequent fuzzy memories, it only seemed to worsen as the years passed. Now at forty years old, the anxiety and fear had become so consuming, affecting both my daily life and my family, that I agreed to seek help.

To read a draft of Gail’s book, click on this link: Fleecy Clouds

You never know who you’re preaching to unless you hear their story. They will be reluctant to tell their story until you tell some of yours.

You never know why people do what they do and don’t do what they don’t want to do until you hear their story.

In this book, Gail relates the difficult first eight years of her life. Her mother had cancer. Their house burned while her mother was in the hospital. Her mother died. She went to live with an aunt. That didn’t work out. She went to live with her grandmother. She beat Gail and her brother Don until the Welfare Department removed Gail, her brother, and her sister, and placed them in foster homes.

Those events weighed on Gail’s mind until she was in her forties. She started seeing a Christian counselor. This was the beginning of this book in the 1980s. You can read about the process and how it blessed her and hundreds of others since then.

To read a draft of Gail’s book, click on this link: Fleecy Clouds

Chapter Titles

Chapter 1: James Jones

Chapter 2: Steenson Hollow

Chapter 3: Daddy

Chapter 4: Family Photo

Chapter 5: Little House

Chapter 6: Mother’s Magic

Chapter 7: Cancer

Chapter 8: Mama’s Funeral

Chapter 9: Away to Aunt Vertie’s

Chapter 10: A Change of Season

Chapter 11: The Shack

Chapter 12: Champion

Chapter 13: Kill Me, I Don’t Care

Chapter 14: Childhaven

Chapter 15: Home to Stay

Chapter 16: A Child Left Behind

Chapter 17: The Memories of Childhaven

Chapter 18: The Children of Childhaven

Chapter 19: The Mitchells

Chapter 20: Daddy’s Death

Chapter 21: Was I Worth It?

Chapter 22: Early Years of Marriage

Chapter 23: Making a Difference

Chapter 24: Generations

To read a draft of Gail’s book, click on this link: Fleecy Clouds

Gail and Alice Sullivan plan to have her book for sale on Amazon in the spring. I am Gail’s PR agent (and husband). I’ve read books on how to promote books on Amazon. From what I’ve read, here’s what I’m doing:
* Recruiting 1,000 people to read a rough draft of Gail’s book.
* If you are inclined, post a review on Amazon when it is placed there for sale.
* Request those who read to share a link to give their families and friends an opportunity to benefit:

To read Gail’s book click on this link: Fleecy Clouds.

Call Jerrie Barber if you need help: (615) 584–0512

Don Champion, Gail Champion Barber, Wayne Champion, Brenda Champion Holloman

Please share with ladies who could benefit from this book. Alice Sullivan, Gail’s ghostwriter, tells us that 95% of all reading in the United States is done by women.

To read a draft of Gail’s book, click on this link: Fleecy Clouds

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Jerrie Barber
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One Response to “New Book Coming for Elders, Preachers, Spouses, and Others

  • Ronnie Kephart
    2 years ago

    Gail, I have always just loved you like my own mother, and now even more, I realize why!
    I can’t tell you the last actual book I read from cover to cover…unrelated to the Bible. If I had time, tireless eyesight, and no distractions, I wouldn’t have been able to put your book down!!
    I look forward to writing my review of the book on Amazon. And I can’t wait to buy my own copy and read it on real paper!
    Please keep me informed, Jerrie, of the release date so I can search for it!!
    I’m so excited for Gail and for all those her story will surely impact in positive ways.
    Ronnie Kephart
    Pike Road, AL

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