What’s Wrong with Everybody Except Me?

When I ask wrong questions, I will get unhelpful answers.

Which would be the most productive question for elders to ask in the following sets? Please select one and consider a helpful response…

  • What’s wrong with the church that they won’t talk to us?


  • How can we become so welcoming and approachable that people will stand in line to meet with us?

  • Why didn’t our preacher talk with us before he decided to leave and work with another church?


  • What is there about me or the group — what is there about our relationship that would not have compelled him to discuss such an important decision? How can we develop that relationship with preachers who follow?

Which would be the most productive question for Christians to ask in the following sets? Please select one and consider a helpful response…

  • When are the elders going to get to know me and my family?


  • When will I invite our elders to have a meal with us so we can get to know them better?

  • Why do the elders not communicate with us?


  • When have I expressed appreciation to our elders when they did communicate, work, plan, pray, shepherd, and oversee the best way they knew how? When and how will I do that?

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What’s wrong with everybody except me? When will everybody else change so I can be comfortable?


How will I change to connect better with those who are important to me, regardless of how they have related to me?


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Jerrie Barber
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2 Responses to “What’s Wrong with Everybody Except Me?

  • Larry Graham
    2 years ago

    Elders will become in my opinion more welcoming and approachable that members will stand in line to greet them if among other Scriptural duties specificall noted in the Bible they would:

    1/ Be transparent in their announcements and discussions with the members and the church.
    2/ Love the flock not only in word but in deed. Taking every opportunity to meet/visit with them in sickness and in health/good times.
    3/ Exhibit strength and knowledge of the Word and not wavering from the Truth, after all members expect them to help them and their loved ones get to heaven as they are charged.
    4/ Being human will make mistakes and should not let their pride or ego deter from admitting them.
    5/ Be faithful in attendance of the Lord’s services, after all if worship is not that important to them then how should members, especially those weak in the faith be compelled to attend?
    6/ Members love and appreciate elders that they can respect and will want to follow them.

    • Larry,

      Thank you for good observations on how elders can be more inviting.

      Thank you for practicing that when you served as an elder.

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