Are You Searching for a Preacher (Church)?

One of the challenging times in the life of a church or a preacher is during the search.

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Questions for Churches

  1. How will we do it?
  2. Should we advertise?
  3. How many should we consider before making a selection?
  4. Why did our favorite candidate turn us down?
  5. What should we ask when we check references?
  6. What questions should we ask when we interview a prospective preacher?

Questions for Preachers

  1. Do I want to leave where I am?
  2. Why did I get released?
  3. Will I be able to move before my money runs out?
  4. Why did they not call me back when they promised?
  5. How can a preacher check references on churches?
  6. What questions should I ask the elders when meeting with them?

There are other questions, and I don’t have the answer to all of them

But I have some tools for elders and preachers that can be useful for the search.

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