New Shepherds Orientation Workshop #21, West Side, Elkton, Kentucky

Names: Top Row (L-R) Tony Deason, Amy Deason, Chandler Coffman, Steven McGhee, Leigh Ellen Bristow, Craig Bristow

Middle Row (L-R) David Watkins, Janet Watkins, Annetta Gregory, Doug Gregory, Jerrie Barber

Front Row (L-R) Danny Bruce McGhee, Sandy McGhee, Jonathan Hughes, Danelle Hughes, Gail Barber

Kids (L-R) Winford Hughes, Jaren Miller, Levi Hughes, Brooke Hughes, Timothy Hughes

We met on March 19 and 20 at Lake Barkley State Resort Park, Cadiz, Kentucky. It is a beautiful place and the room was well suited for the workshop. March 21 we drove to Elkton, Kentucky for the morning service of the West Side Church of Christ.

West Side has only two elders. They invited their two deacons and other men who are maturing toward leadership. 

Something else I have never encountered. I received an email that a family had six children and would have trouble finding a babysitter for them. Would it be OK to bring the children? With some interest and hesitancy, I agreed. I have never seen children (ages 3–12) better behaved, more respectful, and cooperative than these young people. It is a compliment to them and their parents.

I continue to add videos, discussion groups, and other modules as I learn more and receive excellent criticism to help me improve.

Statement from West Side leaders about New Shepherds Orientation Workshop:

We cannot say thank you enough to Jerrie Barber for his New Shepherds Orientation Workshop. Jerrie was first of all very gracious and flexible in allowing us to not only bring our minister and elders, but also our deacons and three new prospective deacons as well. The time we spend together over Friday night and Saturday has been invaluable for us. We have laughed, and cried together, we have gone through a serious self evaluation on many levels, and most of all we have reconnected with one another and renewed our desire to be a congregation of the Lord’s body of which Jesus would be proud. Thank you Jerrie & Gail and God Bless.  

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Jerrie Barber
Servant of Jesus, husband to Gail, father to Jerrie Wayne Barber, II and Christi Parsons, grandfather, great-grandfather, Interim Preacher, Shepherd coach, Ventriloquist, barefoot runner, ride a cruiser bicycle

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