Fleecy Clouds: One Woman’s Story of Surviving and Thriving after Childhood Abuse, by Gail Champion Barber and Alice Sullivan Is Now Available on Amazon

Thank you to hundreds of friends who have read drafts, proofread, encouraged, asked, “When will your book be ready,” sent emails, and commented about how Gail’s story has affected you.

You can now purchase Fleecy Clouds on Amazon!!! Decide which format you want, and click on the links below to get your copy.

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If want a signed copy of Fleecy Clouds but don’t live near Pacific, Missouri, or Nashville, Tennessee, we’ve got you covered. Contact Gail and give her your name(s) and anything you would like her to write: gailchampionbarber@gmail.com

She will sign a 4″ x 5″ placard and mail it to you. You can peel off the back and attach it to your book.

Alice Sullivan

We appreciate the professional and caring way Alice Sullivan has written Gail’s story. She took many spiral notebooks, loose pieces of paper, and hours of Zoom and produced the book that is now available. There were more than nine revisions, two professional proofreaders, and many friends who read, corrected, and made suggestions.

Joey Sparks

Joey Sparks has worked long and hard to design the cover, set the type, and send the files to me to upload to Amazon. Early Thursday morning and late Thursday night, he answered his phone and helped me with wrinkles I didn’t know how to straighten out.

David Wright is a blind preacher who has been my friend for many years. When he received a PDF of the book and finished hearing it, he called the next day and said, “Jerrie, I have never met Gail, but I love her. I know you like criticism. Would it be OK if I made some suggestions on how the book might be improved?” David read and corrected four chapters a day until he finished the entire book. He heard things that I and others had never seen – more appropriate words, commas, and other details that needed to be added or deleted.

I woke up last night and came up with this observation. Who is a person who is constantly looking for something wrong and improves the thing he is criticizing? A proofreader. Thank you to David and hundreds of others who have read, complimented, and criticized (proofread) Fleecy Clouds and made it a better book.

David Wright

What Some of the Readers Have Said

“It is a remarkable story of Gail’s tenacity and God’s protective hand that has led her to give us this written treasure of her life. I think everyone who has experienced trauma or knows someone who has had trauma in their life can benefit from reading Fleecy Clouds.”
—Gwen Zimmerly, M.A., retired associate licensed marriage and family counselor and adjunct instructor of psychology at the University of Mobile and Faulkner University.

“Thank you, Gail Barber, for sharing your life story. It was heartbreaking, yet heartwarming. This book is not just for women who have been abused; there are many faces of abuse that show no respect of gender. We male survivors see ourselves in the cracked mirror you hold up. Your therapist James Jones did us all a great favor when, years ago you were inclined to ‘never talk about this again,’ he offered this counsel: ‘Gail, it would be a shame to waste all that pain.’ Many readers will be glad you listened.”
—Eddie J. Miller, MA, MDiv; Former Executive Director, CASA of Maury County, Tennesseee; Founding Board Member of SCAN (Stop Child Abuse and Neglect), North Allabama

“This book is a Champion! It is a treasure. You’ll devour it! I read each chapter cheering for little Gail. I’ve, known Sister Barber for years but I was not prepared for a book this gut-wrenching, this compelling, this masterfully crafted. You’ll want to support and encourage every young child you meet after you read this book. Thank you, Gail, for sharing your life with others!”
—Dale Jenkins, The Jenkins Institute

“I started reading this around 7:00 tonight and just couldn’t find a place to stop. I have have just now just now finished and had to tell you that I have been deeply moved by your story. I have also been tremendously blessed. You have driven home a lesson that I needed to relearn. That is to try to be more aware of the pain others have experienced. Thank you for this blessing.”
—Ron Harper, preacher at Salem Creek, Church of Christ, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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